Slovenia 20/08/2005

Slovenia 20/08/2005 Got up ok at 8am Got the 9am to stanstead, spent a bit of time in the pub at the airport till I met john and the others in the queue for the plane, we went through and had a glass of champagne to celebrate, and Nick ran to wish us well. The flight took abot 2 hours and was unevenful apart from the chaty pysiotherapist that was into sodoku. problem at the aiport when the cash machine was broken, but we got in 3 cabs and took a 45 minute ride to the hostel. in village kranjska gora. We rode past a huge queue of traffic and when we got to the place the taxi drivers demanded more money, which may or may not have been fair.
We unpacked quickly and tracked down a cash point then sat outside the Bar Gostilna Cvitar, next to a wedding with bells and an oompah band. We ordered 9 pints of the Union beer and a gin & Tonic for Angela. It started to rain a bit but only the cold drove us inside to a bigger table. We ordered more beer and food.
John had a particularly large mixed platter, and we finished off with a shooter to toast John's imminent birthday.
We moved on then to the ferrari F1 bar which had pool with wicked black cues and table football. We nearly had a disaster when we had no key to get into one of the rooms but luckily our room key opened theirs. 21/08/2005 Bit wet in the morning but got a good shower. Off then to town in the poncho and we got ourselves a substantial supply of coffee and pancakes and strudel in a restaurant, we then did a bit of kit shopping though didn't actually get any. Then back to the hostel for a bit of a read of the paper, and then the others had lunch in the room. Afterwards we set of up the mountain with the ski slopes. Well the 6 boys did ,Soon that was down to 4 as Rex and john left us quite early . We pressed on made some bad route decisions and scrambled on all fours for a while. It got very ineresting. We rejoined the cable car route and footing got easier but mist prevented us seeing the top of the mountain, We pressed on for a long while. Then we were down to just me and chris. I got a bit of a second wind about this point and started sprinting up a bit. We did get to the top saw some impressive ski jumps and a unused hut. We got down and picked up the other guys having a beer in a cafe. After that back to the hostel, a prolonged period of getting ready and then off back to the hotel razor or papa joes for pizza for most people. I slipped in a glass of grog and we ended up at a rustic house on the way home. They didn't serve gin but did serve beer and whiskey and jack daniels and the waiter did have a teddy under his shirt. The others then went to about bed about 10pm English time, I had to stay up on my own. 22/07/2005 Amazingly it had stopped raining in the morning so we had a quick breakfast with all the kids, it involved bread, cheese, cereal and coffee, then a minibus trip for about an hour up and then down some very windy road with each bend numbered and with the altitude on each one. We started walking about 10 and got a couple of hours in before it started to rain. We stopped at 12.30pm in the porch of a locked hut. We then trekked on through the rain, occaisionally meeting quite steep drops at the side. Eventually me and Chris were alone and pushed onto the hut at the top were they dried our boots in front of the fire gave us nice slippers and beef soup and coffee and were I bought a postcard. We left and the afternoon was short, mainly downhill in the rain I caught up Chris and Brian and the me and brian pushed on to the final hut, pushing on to follow Johns shoe tracks as he had set off at a cracking pace to keep warm. We arrived at the hut put our kit in the drying room and settled down to have either soup, sausages or spageti. I discovered slovenian shandy and discovered the worlds most boring card game in shithead. We had to go to bed not long after 10pm as that was when the bar closed. So we left off Soduko and retired to the room. There were quie a few head torchs in evidence, but these had all disappeared by 11am so I turned off my phone as well, unfortunately even with ear plugs the vast numbers of snorers and deep breathers in the room, kept the volume level quite high. Woke up late however after 8.30pm and went downstairs for a slice of bread and jam before setting off for the day, This was a day were we lost a lot of alitude and thankfully it was very dry. We got to a nice lake and then the interesting stuff started. We descended about a 1000m right from the pinnacle of a mountain. The view was breathtaking. You couldn't do it justice on camera and immediately we were protected by iron ropes. I was ahead of angela, Vicki and Mike and tried to give helpful tips on the tricky bits. Rex was really nervous about this sort of stuff so did really well to get down it, as going down is obviously a lot more scarey than going up. At one point the route went into a waterfall and we had to climb along using metal wire and iron loops for footholds, we met a lot of folks coming up the hill and a couple of italians were behind one of our group at one point. Me and john were ahead and we heard a sceam and ran back up the mountain, it turned out that italian chap had slipped and fell 40 feet before stopping himself, he wasn't hurt but if he had slid a few more feet he would have been over the edge. At the botom we had time for an ice cream and a coffee at the restaurant at the bottom. Then we pushed on around the flat bit of the lake we paused about Half way round and chris went for a swim. At the end of the lake we said goodbye to Rex and Sarah who were opting for some luxury in the hotel zlatoreg, before starting our ascent to the nights hut. This turned out to be a bit longer than expected as we semed to go wrong at a couple of points. This led to some extra exercise for me as I was sent off ahead running up the hills to look for the red dots that should have been marking our route. We did get back to our route, but it took a while to get to the place. Eventally me and Brian arrived at the hut(planinska koc na uskovnici) first just after 10pm. We quickly got beers and ordered the stew which had a big saveloy sausage in it. This went down well though Vicki still seemed to luck rough, as she seemed to be suffering from dehydration despite drinking nearly her own body weight in water during the day. Eventually me, brian, mike and angela had to leave the bar at 10.30pm. So we didn't get to stay up till 12 to celebrate brians birthday. Had twin beds to share with chris, was much better than the previous night as he didn't snore much. 24/08/2005 Up about 8.15am and got a shower for 500sits which was very welcome. The weather was so good We had breakast of ham and eggs outside. We set of after 10 but almost immediately lost Paula, whose injury was playing up. She walked back down and met Rex and Sarah. We pushed on but quite slowly as Vicky wasn't very well having thrown up after the exertions of the previous day. When we got to the hut at the halfway point she and Angela decided to stay there (vodnikov dom). The route to the hut at the base of triglav was rated as 2hrs, but with just the 5 of us left we made it in an hour and a half. It was quite a steep climb about 600metres but there was only protection in a few places it was mainly zigzaggy and you could see your destination most of the way which was handy. Of course first thng was to have some carbohydrate energy drink. in the form of union pivo. I had pancakes and the guys had ghoulash. The only downside to the hut (dom planika) was that the loos were outside so despite it being brians birthday we couldn't drink anything fot fear of needing the loo in the middle of the night. We were also in a big dormitory, in which people were already asleep at 9am so we had to read under the covers. 25/08/2005 up remarkably early for us, but not before most of the people in the bunkhouse, We got breakfast of ham and eggs and set of at 8.30am. The signpost said 2 hours to the top of triglav 2800m. We made it quicker than that despite it being a bit hairy in places. There were steel pegs and steel ladders at a lot of places. There were also a lot of people coming down that slowed us up. It was warm at the top and there was a little steel hut and a chap selling beer T-shirts and postcards. We then commenced the descent that was quite hairy and in a different direction. we got down ok though and me and mike used our kit on the last piece of protection. Down then to the hut just as the girls arrived from the other one. The place started to white out then. This didn't stop Chris going out fo an extra walk while we had sausage and cabbage in the hut. After that I did a bit of Soduku in the room were we had 6 beds all together, because the hard bench was hurting my bottom. Then back down for an hour or so before bedtime. 26/08/2005 The usual breakfast of ham & eggs was served in the morning and we set of in the mist for a very long winding descent from the hut to Trenta, just to finish off the weekend it rained for the last 45minutes or so. We found the museum were we were due to meet the taxi driver and we had beer and ice cream for an hour and enjoyed the luxury of running water in the toilet, we had a very educational trip in the minibus to the capital as we went over the mountain with over 50 bends in it. In Ljubjianca we stayed at the hotel Celica a converted prison which was rather arty and had showers on suite. I also had steps up to my bunk bed as oppossed to a ladder. We wandered into town past the big open air concert and got a seat in the restaurant next to the cutty sark pub. I ordered fish and chips which turned out to be random sealife battered, including what looked like small spiders. Afterwards we found a trendy bar in the banks of the river underneath a bridge. We stayed there till after 12 when me and john headed back, however when we got to the room it was like a riot was going on next door. So we went out and walked into a scene from escape from new york. Undeterred we went ito the first derelict house to find lots of Goths and a table tennis table. We popped into another bar next to a giant BBQ and then into a bar that was so dark you couldn't see were you were going. After that we hung about a bit outside a regga type shack. We then tried to follow everyone into what looked like a big house party, but turned out to be a gay night club . We finnaly hit our beds just before 4am. 27/08/2005 Up fairly early and had breakfast of cereal and coffee in the hostel. Then we went for a bit of group shopping, we saw some vintage cars, stopped for a coffee next to the alienvideotek shop and had an ice cream. We went in a large church and met Emma who we had met at the hostel the previous night. The others then decided to climb the hill to the castle while I did some shopping for a clean shirt and socks. After that I had a bit more of a wander about seeing the Union brewery. Then a bit of a kip before meeting the others downstairs. After a beer in the hostel, myself, John, Brian, Mike, Angela and Vicki stopped off at the posh bar with gold lame curtains and leopard skin seats. I had a James Bond cocktail complete with theme tune suppied by the phone. We then met the others at the Sokol restaurant, it was slovenian and had its own wheat beer. The soup came within a loaf of bread and the guys had serious meat portions. Afterwards we went to the cutty sark pub were we sat outside and then we went back to the squat of the previous night. This time with most of us, But not as much was open this time, so we mainly stood outside the reggae hut. We did however see Jesus and David Bellamy amongst the regulars. Finally, Brian, Mike angela and myself left about 3.45am. 28/08/2005 Up a bit later this time, had breakfast in the hostel then walked into the town in the inevitable rain, we stopped off to watch sky news in a bar and then saw the antiques market, We then strolled back to the hostel to await our taxi back to the airport. The flight was on time and took less then 2 hours.