Tenerife 20/12/2005


20/12/2005 Up very early caught a taxi at 5.45am and met Ballu at the station to catch the 6.10 to Stansted. Gave her the CSI present early on the train. Got to the sirport and got our tickets and boarded ok. Slight delay on taking off and Ballu had the window seat but an ennoying child behind her. Ilistened to my ipod and read my book on dunking donuts and focus magazine. We landed fine, only to find there was a thunder storm going on, the coach to the columbus hotel we went through a number of flooded areas. We checked into our self catering apartment which was nice then went for a walk along the beach, Ballu bought some flip flops. On the way back we got drenched and had to take shelter in a supermarket, were we got some donuts to test out dunking theory. We had a bit of a kip then went out to the the rong cheng chinese restaurant which did a buffet, and Ballu had some sangria, after the after dinner liquer we went next door to the sax bar to watch a 3 piece band. Which were pretty good, but after that we called it a night at midnight and went back to the hotels 21/12/2005
Got up early for our welcome meet and booked ourselves some excursions then had elevenses. Then we walked west along the beach for quite a way. It was pretty warm and we were both over dressed. We then went into town for a bit of shopping. We travelledalong the beach to the north and did a bit of shopping. We reurned to the hotel and made ourselves some lunch from stuff we got in the hotel supermarket. Then we had a kip then we set off to los christianos. It was a long walk and then we came back and had a couple of drinks in the hotel bar by the pool. We had a quick game of table football then back to the room to get ready for the night. We headed down to the beach and had dinner with sangria in a nice restaurant, that had canarian potatoes and a chivken dish for me and a kebab for Ballu. The restaurant was good but the pub next door only had one drunk customer and a live band. We moved on then to Bobby's/Busbby's nightclub, the two were seperatedd by a giant curtain, we were welcomed in by santa girls and given a free shot of cough medecine, but the place was empty and didn't really fill up. So we left then and went across the way to tramps, and got the two for one deal on beer which just meant the beers were twice as expensive, there was a short time at just after 12.30 when it got busy for a moment and we danced to a couple of records but after that it got quiet again and we left. 22/12/2005
Not up early by any stretch of the imagination. We went down to a bar near the beach and near were we ate the night before and had a scone in my case and a full english in Ballu's. We then walked along way saw a lot of shopping centres and went to look at the water park and the sky park, but the sky park wasn't open much to ballu's relieve. We walked back along the beach and had ice creams. The temperature was 26 degrees and I certainly needed my shades. We got back to the hotel and Ballu sat by the pool with a drink while I went for a run up the local hill twice. The second time to get some pictures. After that we had a bit of a laze about and got ready to go out for the evening. We set off an deventually found our way to the meson des lunas for some spainish food. I had canarian cheese followed by canarian custard. We were framed by a giant inflatable sant and christmas tree, and we also had champagne sangria which had lots of bananas in it. 23/12/2005
Up early and caught the coach outside the hotel at 8.10am, we set of for el teilde, the largest mountain in spain 3,718 metres, it was quite cold and you needed a coat. The journey took about an hour and 20mins and we had a lamumba a hot chocolate with brandy in, when we got there. Then I went up the cable car and took some pictures from the top. We then went to some more natural rock formations for some photo's and then we stopped off at a pearl factory outlet before returning home about 2pm. Ballu then had a full english breakfast and I had some soup and an ice cream. The weather was nice and warm again. We popped back to the hotel then in the evening we headed into Los Christianos, we checked out some shopping and found lots of good restaurants we settled on the chillout restaurant and ballu had lasagne and I had a chicken soup with bread and herb butter and then a crepe suzette for dessert. We walked back to the hotel then and watched the show in the hotel club. There was some balancing and juggling going on with a small troupe of 3 people. 24/12/2005
Off to loro parque the animal park. Caught the coach and it took about and hour and a half, we went along the coast and got to the park near puerto del cruz at about 10am, we had till 4 to see all the sights. There were lot s of carp in the thai village at the start then we were straight onto the gorillas in an impressive enclosure, then the penguins in an even more impressive ice berg, were it was even snowing. We then saw chimpanzee's and got ourselves to the dolphin show closely followed by the sea lion show, both of which were impressive. We had some lunch then a bit more of a tour of all the animals, alligators, marmosets, lions, jaguars before seeing the naturavision display on a huge screen, and then finally the parrot show before heading home. In the evening we headed into los christianos we stopped in a mediterranean restaurant and had fried camembert for starters and paella for main course. We were sittting in an alleyway which was nice but we were prone to street sellers who were abundant. We had a bit of a problem with the wine we managed to get ourselves a bottle of red which was nice but Ballu had to drink most of of it, which made for a shorter night than we had anticipated but a very enjoyable one. 25/12/2005
In the morning we got up late and wandered into los americas for breakfast along the beach. Then we proceeded to shop a bit then went back to the hotel and swapped gifts, Ballu got her rabbit and I got 4 sample beers, kill bill on dvd and bad manners dvd. We then shopped a bit more and I got somes tops and a present of a lantern with candles for ann. We had a cocktail each in the chiil out bar. Then back to the hotel after watchinf doctor who on xmas day we set out to los christianos and had a very nice xmas meal in the chill out restaurant I had turkey and the chef's creation for dessert. After that we wandered back via a show bar were a person was singing to the hotel we caught the end of the bingo in the hotel then as the acrobat act started Ballu started to fall asleep only occaisionally waking up to clap so we called it a night. 26/12/2005
Up late after a bit of a noisy night in the hotel. Up and out latish to find the weather probably wasn't good enough to go to the waterpark, so we went shopping, got Ballu a kimono. Got given a presentation by a polish girl about holidays and Ballu had won a holiday, also got free cup of coffee. Back to hotel then in the evening we went to a spainish restaurant behind the stadium rather than go into town, Ballu had rabbit which she didn't care for and I had steak with cheese. We stopped off at the jersey cow on the way back to watch two santa girls do abba as there was a snake act on in the hotel. 27/12/2005
Quick rush out to the shops to get a suitcase for Ballu. The thompson coach was a bit late but it was a quick transfer to the airport and the flight was on time. The inflight movie wasn't too hot but we did have the extra leg room of exit seats, and we didn't have to pay for them. When we got back to stanstead it was snowing , zero degrees and the stanstead expresss wasn't running. So we caught a bus into liverpool st and I headed straight for the curry house.