Xmas Party 26/11/2005

Put some extra lights on my Santa hat and set off for the living bar in Brixton. Got there at 8pm but they weren't quite ready, got a Budweiser Budvar on tap which I hadn't seen before. Went upstairs then and Ross was handing out free champagne and there was a free bar for a period, this certainly helped people turn up early. Ballu and Marie arrived in good time as well for the champagne. Chris had a very good Christmas tree hat by far the next best hat. Had a good few drinks and we danced to the DJ who looked like Chris Evans dad. Quite a lot more beer was drunk and a lot of photos were taken, only unfortunate that I left on the last tube as the party went on well into the morning. But I really didn't need anymore alcohol after Thursday and Friday, and there's the whole of Xmas to get through best to pace myself.