8th Day Xmas Party 16/12/2006

I hopped on a train to clapham common and found the sun beseiged by a fox hunt, though the hunters were all probably too drunk to catch anything more than further beers. 8th day had the upstairs bar to themselves and we filled it up nicely we had a disco and dancing and thai food which looked really nice, but I was too full from sylvia's. There had been atreasure hunt earlier in the day which unfortunately I could not attend due to Sylvia's party.
The theme was santa hats and unfortunately I was lacking mine, but plenty of folks wore them. Nick had a particularly good one with with ponytails, when the party finally came to an end we tried to make our way to charlotte's to continue drinking, we were rather unlucky with the night bus arriving and then when we did get close to Charlotte's I got waylaid by a taxi, so never got there in the end. A good night though, shame not to help Charlotte finish off some of the 15 bottles of wine that BA had sent her.



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