GBBF 03/08/2006

Went to Earl's Court for the first time for the great British beer festival. The queue was the longest I've seen, it took nearly 30 minutes to get in and it stretched back to west brompton tube nearly. I found Phil and Stuart and Gwynn by the pedigree stand and got myself a pint of cocker hoop to start with. We were soon joined by Des and much later in the evening by johnny wren. A pint of light year followed and one of Pale Bock which was from america it cost 4.20 but was 7.7%. Also had a pint of Bomber that I can reacall and a pint of Cains best bitter. We operated a circular search pattern to try and take in the whole area and saw a number of folks in silly hats and rather a lot of bunny girls, who were a little bit past their sell by date. Phil was well supplied with Cider, and the guys tucked into some Cornish Pasties and the like. You certainly wouldn't starve there. The only downside is that last orders was at 10.30pm, but I managed to sneak my glass out half full with beer to drink on the tube.