GBBF 04/08/2006

Woke about 10.30am to find Mark was already at Liverpool st. I got to Eal's Court for 11.40am to find Mark at the front of the Camra queue. We got in and secured ourselves a table near the stage we were joined, by Gordon and John, and then Phil and Alex. Also during the day, John Lane, and Nick and Pat and Chris made it to the event. In the afternoon, the act was the Strawbs but they didn't play their big hit. In the evening it was bootleg Abba, who were ok. I tried a perry which was 7% and quite liked it. I also had a raisin beer from Cains which I really liked. I also enjoyed a number of beers from the Bar Nouveau, which sold new beers. But a tragedy occurred as we started to get into the evening the beer was starting to disappear and the queue's for the toilet were getting long, so I bid goodbye and went along to the Spice Club Night at the new venue.