Mark BBQ 10/06/2006

Up quite early and off in the car via tesco's to the Crown Hotel inLong Melford. It was very yellow but the room was good and it had a nice pub garden with a fountain were we had a drink and Ballu had a baguette before wandering round the corner to Mark's we were just in time for the football. Steve, John, Paul, Tim and Jill, John Hill, Richard, Sam and a few others were there. We were delighted at the early England goal, but the match got a bit disappointing after that as England couldn't score again. Still a win's a win and Steve fired up the BBQ immediately the game had finished. Other folks started to arrive then lot's of family including Steve and Sarah and Mark's mum and Mr and Mrs shackell. We tucked into some good BBQ group including meat with Lemon in it. There was also a good range of desserts and as usual Mark had a barrell of beer on tap. Much to Ballu's disbeleive the 72 pints when shortly after 6.30pm. Ballu headed back to the hotel a bit early after a long day in the sun, but I managed to return to chat with the guys till after midnight.