Adventure Challenge 03/09/2006

Up very early, sandy was round mine at 7.10 am and we got ourselves and the bikes to the adventure race in pippingford park by just after 8.30 am. I then drove back to East Grinstead to pick Up Mark. We saw Mark O'Donnel and Scott and Rachel and I parked next to Piers. The weather was forecast to be sunny but was cloudy with drizzle and the ground was very wet underfoot. We set off on the first 3 k run and we were doing well being near Piers to start with and only just being caught by Mark's team at the end of it. We transitioned ok, but we got split up quite quickly on the bike I kept waiting for Mark, but thought Sandy was ahead but he wasn't. I arrived at a simulated stream crossing with planks to find Mark's team but none of my own, but they were along and we got through that and all the team challenges with ease.
The next bike section was very technical, and the wet weather made it tricky. So our progress was quite slow and Sandy was beginning to suffer a bit. But we stayed together better and transitioned to the run. We pushed along nicely then met lots of very steep descents and climbs along the bank of a river which I liked. We had to cross a slippery log, I got across but unfortunately Mark got wet and Sandy chose to wade across after that. There was then an ascent up a very muddy rope which I enjoyed, then more hills to run up. We pushed on and got to the canoes. There was a double and single man canoe. So I went with sandy and paddled us, but after a porterage I gave sandy a go. Then I paddled the final stretch. When we got out the running wasn't over and we had quite a way to go before the final sack race, cargo next and slippery slide climb, but we did all those obstacles fine. We were finished in about 4hrs 20mins. After that I drove the guys back to hammersmith.