Amanda's Pub Crawl 16/09/2006

In the afternoon it was off to Amanda's Paddington Pub crawl. The first pub was the pride of paddington at 4pm, and the theme was silly hat's so I took along my Guiness hat. Met Jason Amanda's cousin and Amanda at the bar, and found the rest of the guys sitting outside, a number of policemans hat's were in evidence, and we were joined by Dacks who had a scottish hat and wig and a wonderful, mexican wrestlers mask which was unfortunately a bit impractical to wear. There was also a large pink cowboys hat, that was popular to wear. Our next port of crawl was the mitre very appropriately where me and Grant had a pint of tea each, traditonal english ale. We carried on visiting pubs some stopped off at a point for a meal at la rumba, though not myself of course. we were joined by Ballu in time for Cads and after the last pub me and Ballu caught a kebab on the way home to end the pub crawl experience in style. Amanda will have to hold another pubcrawl though as I managed to accidently delete most of my photos of the event :-(