Banana Chase 25/06/2006

Up fairly early and we got ready for the bananaman. I was busy registering my phone on the way to the race in case we would have a problem meeting up, but Ballu spotted Sarah easily when we got there. Johny was in his gorilla suit and I climbed into mine it was quite hot but it could have been worse and the new mask helped a lot. We set off and started to chase down Bananas. John and sarah got a bit away from us, but we overtook Stuey on the second lap, and we must have overtaken Jane. We overtook the 5 bananas that Ballu was hoping for and this despite the fact that we were often taken the longest route along the outside. We finally finished in 55 minutes not far behind johny and sarah. We met up with all the guys afterwards and I was very glad to get my suit off. Though I did get photographed lots with it, so that was good.