Bang 10/08/2006

Off to the Banger emporium. Christine and Miles were the first to arrive and we had some cider at the bar, Des, Penny, Tony, Jennifer, Sylvia, Sejal and Wendy all duly arrived and we drank a little in the area outside our alcove before going in for our meal. We had to haggle a bit as the original top table deal posted was an error. But our main course with 3 sausages was under £7 so it was a good deal. I had Bison and Kangaroo and springbok sausages. There certainly was a large choice and ones like haggis and all the german sausages had to go untried for me.
There was even a very good selection of vegetarian options. For desert I had a rasberry crème brulee. The alcove was really good, though Jennifer found it claustrophobic, as you could hear all ten people around the table as you weren't competing with other tables. The alcoves even had a television so you could have watched an event there, though because we were ten and one person was sitting in the doorway, they did have to get up close and personal with the waiters when the food arrived. A very good night and Tony was good enough to give me, penny and Jennifer a lift home as well so that was great, well done to Christine for organising and negotiating.