Beer Night 08/12/2006

Went out to the Firestation at Waterloo for a drink with the Spice Guys. Lot's of folks were there Bill, Gwyn, Jon, Pete, Miles, Adrian Spencer, Des and a lot of faces I recognised but couldn't quite put a face to. Unfortunately, the firestation had already run out of beer at 7pm, so we quickly moved on. Unfortunately the next pub the windmill had a problem with the toilets when we got there but luckily then soon fixed it and we stopped for a few. After that we moved on to the Sussex, which had a Karaoke machine, so everyone had to put up with a rendition of "these boots are made for walking". Folks quickly decided to move on before I could treat them to Rawhide. We still had a couple more pubs in it before the night was over and we caught a pasty home.