Black Tie 07/10/2006

Got ready with black tie to get to Marco's for the 8th day ball pre drinks. It was a bit of a rush for me, but I arrived at 5.30pm and was one of the first to arrive. I foolishly took along a bottle of Pina Colada with me, which I was to regret later in the evening. Marco showed us his Aibo and we enjoyed the view and the ride in his Mission Impossible elevator. We had champagne as well, and then when it was time to walk round the corner to the venue the corney and Barrow we had a number of pictures of the boys all dressed up in their DJ's.
The ball was good loads of people were there dressed in their finery and we had a good time chatting and taking pictures. Chris caused a stir again in his Englebert Humperdinck outfit. Sandy's band was along to entertain us and afterwards a number of awards were given out. I even got one for being most likely to have kit for any given situation. Charlotte got one for table dancing, and Steve, Marco and Tom Griggs all got awards, by this time the champagne, pina colada, Gin and tonic and strong lager was beginning to have an affect and my coordination was certainly affected, so I called it a day and caught a cab home. I didn't miss much of the party, but did miss the after party at Marco's.