Broads Boating 30/06/2006

Got up early and then set off for Wroxham to meet Tony and Karen at Barnes Brinkraft. Took about 3 hours. We unpacked then Tony and me drove to Coltishall and I left my Car there. Back then to Wroxham and after a Shopping trip at Roy's were I bought a couple of collapsible chairs and a couple of Towels We set off to Coltishall via a low bridge that kept the river very quite, we couldn't get a free birth near the King's head, so I had to jump off via another boat to drive to Hoveton and pick up Ballu from the station, while Tony moored at Anchor Moorings. This was basically at the foot of the Garden of a very posh House.
We closed up the Boat and set off for the pub and found Simon and Janet and Maria and Geoff and Tom, and Jill and Paul all waiting for us. We did a bit of ferrying of cars and kit back to the boat then walked back to the pub. Or used a little scooter in Tony's case to help his injured foot. We sat inside the pub and it served us very good food. Some lovely bread and complimentary pea soup to start. I had beef for starters, Janet Lobster and Ballu Duck after this we set off back for the boat. Took a bit of time to organise ourselves and then it was off to bed. Eleven people on the Ultima meant there wasn't a communal area that wasn't someones bedroom. 01/07/2006 Just as well we had an early night as it was a bit difficult to sleep As people got up during the night and used the water which caused a loud pump to start. Nevertheless I wasn't too badly affected myself. We woke and I had a lovely breakfast of a bacon and egg sandwich cooked for me by Ballu and then we set to filling the boat with water which was a long task then cast off. We floated off to Wroxham there to give people an opportunity to buy stuff they had forgotten and get an ice cream. We then headed off to find a pub to watch the England vs Portugal match at. They served Bailey,s chocolate cups so me and Ballu had one each.
Myself and Karen had fans that flashed up England, and I wore my England shirt, but it wasn't enough. Rooney was sent off, and we went out on penalties. Back to the boat then and we pushed on to a different mooring spot for the night.
We stopped near a pub called the maltsers and ordered food. I had game chips which turned out to be crisps and cheese, and we ate in the garden which was nice. After that back to the boat and we were asleep pretty quickly. This time we got some good sleep as the water pump was turned off. 02/07/2006 Up early and after a banana ice cream for breakfast we set off to a nature reserve shop via a small woodland trail. Back then to the boat and we cast off. We sailed into a number of broads and moored with the front anchor for lunch and I amused myself feeding ducks. We parked up for a while near a spot we stayed overnight the previous visit and I was lucky enough to get the last ice lolly of the floating ice cream man. Back then to wroxham and Tony gave us a lift back to coltishal to pick up our cars. Then it was off back home. I dropped Ballu off at hers and was home by ten.