Canal Walk 04/03/2006

Arrived in Uxbridge just after 2 PM, Aidan was on the train behind me. We went to the first pub the Queens head to meet the guys. There was a good turnout. Chris and Julie were there of course as organisers, and Des, Phil, Alison, Sylvia, Rita and Paul, Bruce and Casca, Victoria and David, Ballu, Karl and Hazel. We had a couple of beers in there, and then wandered on to the next pub by the river for lunch, they certainly did a good job of serving 20 of us, I had fish and Chips and Ballu had a massive steak. Some people even tucked into dessert. After lunch we started walking along the Thames to the general Elliot, were we met Chris's niece and her boyfriend and played pool with them. They were far to good for us. But they did play the Kaiser Chiefs album whilst we were losing. Onwards then to Auberge a posh oldie world pub with lots of wooden beams. After having some Brugs I donated a left shoe and had a Kwak, Paul followed suit. I also had a Leffe Bruin with Phil and then got Ballu a Leffe blonde. We managed to make it to Zanzi bar the last pub on the list, but couldn't stay long as we had to catch the last tube. We got home with no problems and had another Chinese to finish the day off.