Circus Skills 18/11/2006


Up and off to Coronet St and Circus skills with 8th day, specifically Charlotte, Tom Griggs who was Tony's stunt double, Amanda, Grant, Shanaka, Suzanne and Kieron. We did a warm up then straight onto Juggling, I could juggle 3 balls but couldn't get the hang of four. We also played the diablo which I managed to throw and catch a bit. The others all did really well at this especially Tom and Charlotte. Next it was flying trapeze and I rushed to have a go. It was fairly strenuous, you had to use your stomach muscles a lot to prevent your legs crashing into the platform on the way back. Everyone managed to do their two goes fine. Low wire next, Tom was the shakiest and Amanda the smoothest but me and Grant made it across, but only by speed on my part. Finally we did the 8th day Human pyramid with some acrobalance, before retreating to the Hoxton bar and Grill for lunch were Tony Joined us.



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