Denbies 06/08/2006


Up reasonably early and off to Victoria with Ballu to catch the train to Dorking, it was a surprise she had organised, a trip to the Denby wine estate, the largest privately owned vineyard in Europe. We got there for the 12pm indoor tour. This gave us a showing in a 360 degree cinema of a film about wine and a trip in a little fairground car past the vats and down to the vaulsts were we had another talk and sampled some of their wine. I particularly liked the Surrey Gold. After a quick visit to the shop we took a trip to the 3rd floor in the elevator were we had lunch in the restaurant overlooking box hill and we sampled their Champagne equivalent. After lunch we got in the car for the outdoor tour. The carts were pulled by a range rover and it was a bit bumpy at times, but not bumpy enough to prevent Ballu snozzing after the food and wine. When we got back I bought a couple of bottles of Surrey gold at the shop.