Dodgeball 19/09/2006

Went to play dodgeball at docklands, with Ross and 8th day, it was 4 vs 5 and my team to start with was shelley, Simon, Nick and me against , Ross, Nicky, Brian, Mark Evenden, and Chris. At first we were losing but pulled it back after Me and Simon teamed up to throw simultaneously at the opposition. After a while we swapped the teams, and it was me, Mark, Nick, and Ross aginst the others, again we had a bit of a turnabout going behind then going on to do better. Very enjoyable but quite strenuous. The effort of throwing the ball so hard it couldn't be caught was quite telling. Had a number of success's in the night. Managed to win a one on one with Ross, and then my team came back to win after I was the only one left. But this was balanced by a number of silly drops of the ball. Afterwards we had a drink in the bar before heading home.