Dodgeball 23/03/2006

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Off to canary wharf for dodgeball. Was a good turnout, Graham, Steve, Mark, Vanessa, Nicky, Chris, Ross, Tom griggs, Charlotte were playing and Ruth took video. The game was much faster and more energetic than I was expecting. You start each game with a dash to the centre to collect the ball before your opponenets which involved a lot of dynamic stretching, then you have to throw yourselves manically out of the way of the ball. The simple act of throwing it is also very strenuous as the ball is large and soft you really have to put some welly behind it to hit the other players or prevent them catching it. Steve was very aggressive and Ross was very effective in his Hawaiian shirt. The girls made a real effort with the headbands. Goodness knows what the score was, most games were over very quickly and a catch at the end could make a quick swing in the fortunes of a team making the game very exciting. We stopped for a couple of beers in the bar after.