F3 Xmas Meal 15/12/2006

Just in work till 12, then off to the Boardwalk in Soho for the Annual F3 xmas lunch. E and Richard were first there, but unfortunately we were to early and so we left a note on the door and popped next door to the pillars of Hercules for a drink, till we got a call from Peter and Caroline to say the boardwalk was open. We were joined by Trevor and Brian and Terry Milchard for the first time. Then Sunil, Caroline and Patsy were along. Only Sharon couldn't make it at the last moment. We sat down to a very good meal, if you ordered the salad for starters it was enough for a whole meal. After we had polished off the food we popped back to the Pillars of Hercules to mingle more and sample their excellent beers. Eventually people needed to leave to catch their trains, so at this point I joined Richard and Marion for the sure start celebration, firstly in the Old Monk then in Caxton House bar.