Fairground Thrills 31/10/2006


In the evening I met Adrian outside the Dana Centre for the fairground thrill laboratory. We were greeted with a drink and a further drink voucher and a voucher for the ride. We also got quite a bit of free food. In the form of mini burgers and the like which was very nice. We also got a sick bag from the girls in tyvek sits leading the event, this doubled as a disclaimer, and had a raffle ticket in it. We sat down for the event and listened to the chap who's idea it was and the manufacturer of the booster ride, andalso had a talk from the autonomous astronaut association.
At the break we met up with Annalisa, Adrians friend who couldn't quite make it for the start for the second haf we relocated upstairs to see talks on the history of fairground rides and on Gravity. Then we had a draw to see who would go first. They were strapped into monitors and a camera and we watched and listened to them going round. We then queued up and I was in the second wave to go on. I took my camera and recorded the ride, it certainly was a good one, 160ft high capable of 80mph and 4.3g. You also swing completely over at points. And the people below were tint, and the view of london over the science museum was very good. Adrian then had a go with the monitors on, then we went back inside and talked to the presenters for a while before Adrian convinced Annalisa to take the very last ride. It certainly was an intersting night. Many thanks to Adrian for organising.