Fine Wine 16/06/2006

Went straight to Clapham South after work. Met Ross and helped him get the wine and ice from the Majestic wine to the common. Luckily we had a trolley to help us, Mark was there as we arrived and shortly followed by Ali and Charlotte on her bike. Sam and Ruth we met for the first time which was lucky as Ballu and a number of the girls were able to use Ruth's toilet as she lived so close. Tony and Sandy were there and Steve joined us late. There were 22 of us in all and 23 bottles of wine. The majority of which was white which was lucky as I still struggled to drink the red. We started sampling the wine and people recorded their guesses as to which was which as we were sampling them blind. I could only tell which was the dessert wine, which I liked but everyone else hated as usual. We were joined at one point by the motley crew fanclub, with there cans of special K