George Town 08/06/2006

Off to london bridge for the meal at georgetown the Malaysian restaurant. Met wendy crossing the bridge and she came to the restaurant for a drink with me and some nibbles. The others started to arrive at about 7pm, just after she left. Christine, Paul, Phil, Simon, Tony, Fatema, Jennifer, Sylvia, Penny and Rita were there. Quite shocking to have so many blokes turn up. The deal was 50% of the food menu and it had four courses so we tucked in. I had Tim Sum to start with, then lanska that can take the roof off your mouth according to the metro and Rednang for the main course with ice cream for afters and dessert wine. The restaurant's only cocktail was the singapore sling, which was perhaps a bit dissapointing, but it was served nicely with a star fruit. Tony was good enough to give me Jennifer and Penny a lift home. Luckily he had his people carrier and not his sporty car with him.