Ice Bar 08/11/2006

Went to the digress bar near Piccadilly circus, met Ross, Matt, Juzar, Caroline, Adele and quite a few new faces. We then moved sharpish at 8 PM to the Ice Bar in Heddon St. They gave us all thick silver parkas with gloves and hoods. I didn't use the gloves or the hood, and so my hands got quite cold especially as the glasses were blocks of ice.

There were a number of ice sculptures to take our pictures with and ice bars to rest our drinks on. After 45 mins my hands were quite cold, but the rest of me was fine with the parka on, but some people were cold even through that. After the 45 mins, we retired to the digress bar were we were joined by Nikki and Mark, and we stayed there drinking till well after midnight and I caught a cab home.