Karting 18/03/2006

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Up early and off to Tooting Broadway to meet Ross and Nicky for the drive to Sandown for the Daytona Karting. Ross was feeling a bit hungover after the night before but it didn't show in his driving later. We got there in good time and my team "Jim's Team" was the first to register and given pole position. Steve was about the last to arrive and he had obviously been running. My team was Mike, Chris and Dave. John Yung went in a team with Jo, Claire and Simon. Ross was in a team with graham. And Steve had his own team with Sandy and Nick. Two things was clear from the start is was very cold and some of the teams were very good. Dave set off for us and and was straight into 2nd place behind the winning team. Team number 9 were very good and led from start to finish. Dave had his hands full keeping close to them. Dave also had to have a restart as the scoring system was a bit up the creek. Dave also stopped for the refuel, but after that it was my turn, I did a lot better than in the practice lap I only span out once when jostled off the track by two other karts. But I didn't last very long ten laps at the most and then I was off and Mike started to hair round the track overtaking people. He did very well, by the time we were down to Chris we were in 6th but he pulled us back to fourth and just a few seconds of 3rd, but he was jostled off the track on a bend and so we just failed to get 3rd. Afterwards got a lift back with Ross