Kingly Club 21/12/2006

Thought it would be an easy day, but after wishing Teresa a merry xmas I found myself off to the Kingly Club in the evening I met Stephanie and Matt and Chris in the Red lion which was exceedingly cheap being a sam smiths pub, then we quickly moved on to the Kingly Club a private members club in Kingly Court which Chris was a member of. It certainly was a plush establishment and we were treated to a number of free cocktails, wine and food before moving on to bottles of champagne. There was a musician as well who played a medley of hits on the keyboard and was really quite good, though his taste in cigars left a bit to be desired. The club certainly made you feel at home, rarely have bar staff fondled my knee whilst delivering drinks. For some reason my sense of time was distorted I actually felt like it was about 3pm in the morning when I finally looked at my watch, but it was actually only about 12.30 pm, but knowing I had a work day tomorrow and a long night bus home, I was uncharacteristically cautious and went home.



The Kingly Club