Newquay 25/08/2006

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Up early and off to hammersmith to meet Ross and Sandy for the trip to Newquay. Just time to catch a mcmuffin before we set off at 8am. The journey went really well till about 18 miles to go then road works at a roundabout delayed us so that we got to newquay about 1pm. The surf wasn't quite good enough so we wandered into town and took a look around whilst waiting for others to arrive. Then we came back and threw a frisbee and rugby ball about on the beach. We were joined down there by John and folks started to arrive bit by bit at the offshore extreme hotel were we were staying. There were 32 folks to arrive in total, Naomi and Karen came from as far as Cambridge, most folks arrived after about a 5 hour journey. Though Adele was arriving by train the following day. Quite a late day we played pool and the likes and generally drank to the early hours whilst being entertained by the locals dancing.


Breakfast was at a respectable hour of 9.30am, but ash had a bit of a job to get his fried breakfast in before we all set off in cars to the extreme academy for the Traction Kiting. We split into two groups, me, Russell, Grant and Ashcan, were in one group and the girls and Keith were in the other. We started off easy with a 1.2 m kite, but it proved the most difficult to fly as it was the fastest and most responsive. We were flying kites with abar and a brake system, the trick was to just pull on the bar to get the kite to fly in figure eights. We worked our way up via 1.8 and 2.5 metre kites to a 3.5 metre kite for the last one. This I found easier to fly as it was slower to react and it certainly pulled you a distance across the beach. Grant looked like he had done it before and Ashcan probably got the longest drag along the beach. Back then to the place, and later I took a wander with Steve along the beach and we ended up at the walkabout to watch the new zealand versus south africa match, which New Zealand won. We headed back to the place then and showered up, we drank a bit in the bar and then were served with a substantial meaty BBQ by the pirate who was the chef. After the BBQ walked into town to the Chi Bar. We were charged £3 to get in, but it was worth it. It was quite warm and we were able to sit outside a lot of the time. We were also treated to a dance off that I managed to get video off, we left the bar about 2.50am as it was due to close at 3am anyway, when we got back the pirate did us chips, but I didn't stay up too late as it was waveski's in the morning.


Up early for the waveski, but the chef wasn't up so early for breakfast, but then we had lost keith who had been uo all night who's car was blocking in Russel's. Thw waveski was delayed till 1.30am so we had chance to get in breakfast ad the me, Russel and newquay25082006. We got some good kit for the session but I would have liked some straps on my ski, even so I did a lot better than I've done before as I managed to come in sideways a number of times without going in, but the sea was quite wild so it was a pretty tough session, but I felt I'd learned quite a bit, though fallen in even more times, and the legs were quite stiff afterwards. We headed back to the hotel, then went down to the windswept café were I had White chocolate and raspberry ice cream covered in toffee vodka, to follow the Hog Roast they had on. We found the people who had been deep sea fishing during the day, and it turns out that the 5 men on it had all thrown up, so I am pretty glad I avoided that one. We took a bit of time to get ready and then found that James and Simon had bought sniper pellet pistols with laser sitghts. Which we played with, mainly shooting Matt in the process. We the caught Taxi's and I directed Naomi and Karen to Lusty glaze were there was a touch rugby festival on the beach which was quite entertaining. They also had a BBQ were you could get swordfish and thai curry as well as burgers. After the rugby there were fireworks and a life band, and we ended up dancing in a big circle on the beach and on the chairs. Then a hula hoop was found, and people attempted to hula and then even dived through it. Afterwards we walked into town and a good number went to Bertie's bar, but after a quick look I decided to push on home as I had coasteering in the morning, unfortunately when I got back the room was locked so I laid out on the landing till sandy got back with key. We then watched telly a bit before finally going to sleep.


Up early and no time for breakfast, Myself, Simon, Matt, James, and Bryan walked along the beach to the headland to meet Dangerous Dave for Coasteering. This session was very different fro th elast one as we were a smaller group and the conditions seemed better. We popped into a small cave to start with and then started clambering and jumping in at various heights. We went into the "coffin" literally a coffin shaped gap in the rock were the water would drop away dramatically and then surge back in. We also went in the "governors chair" a pod of rock that you could squeeze into as the waves went out then it totally filled up when the water came back in. The jumps started to escalate and we goy to a forty foot one, were the local seal camt watch us. Simon was brave enough to give it a go, when Dave recommended that Matt try a lower one though I also took the lower option, it still must have been one of the highest leaps I've done. Back then to the hotel and we wnt for walk to the other headland, before more vodka toffee and ice cream at the windswept café. We set of on the way back and luckily had intel from earlier leavers that sent us on the A303 rout which was pretty good apart from the inevitable stonehenge problem.