Newquay 28/04/2006

In the car and set off at 11am, hooked up the sat nav and it got us to the Summer breeze guest house spot on with no problems, we had a short stop on the way and got held up a bit on the A30, so arrived just after 5pm. We Settled into our nice double bedroom, with TV and ensuite shower then off to the Red Lion, we met Ross and Ilsa and Sarah and Pepper the dog, Sandy wasn't much later, then Ken and Claire and Caroline and Marcos, we had dinner in the pub and listened to the live band which took forever to get going. We moved on to Belushi's then and lot's more folks arrived including Steve who was celebrating his 28th Birthday.
Met Rosie and Nicky And Marco and Dave and Neville and Dave at a very good full English breakfast. We popped along then to the surfing place just off fistral beach. We got kitted up in our wetsuits. The girls were very jealous of Ballu's gold wetsuit until we found she had it on inside out. We popped down to the beach and after the usual instruction launched ourselves into the waves. We got some good ones coming along, but they tailed off a bit during the session. Ballu did well getting up first time. Though her hands were freezing and refused to work, at the end of the session.
Ballu lost the rest of the group and went along to a Costa coffee shop, which also sold apple pie ice cream. We then met Helen and Nicola who were doing climbing the next day in the Red Lion were they had lunch. Myself and Ballu went on to have a look around the town and have a small kip before setting out for the evening. We set off to lusty Glaze but found we were going to Sundays BBQ so we had to turn around. We got to the offshore bar not long before they served the all you can eat BBQ, which was only 7.50. We then all gradually went back into town to the CHY bar. We by mistake paid 6 to get into an empty club, but then filtered into the pub part which was busy. Ballu made a friend amongst the locals and Tony started on the champagne . Ross broke out the sambucca and a great night was had by all.
Up for breakfast, a few people looked the worse for wear but everyone made it. We mossied on down to Belushi's to meet the folks from hotrocks climbing, Dave who used to be the manager at Mile end and Paul who took us for the the climb that day. Me and Ballu popped into Paul's car, and Dave went with Nicola and Helen. We drove out to a place called Roche and just beyond it was a tall tower of stone with a ruined chapel on top of it. We climbed up via some steel ladders to look at the chapel then after some instruction, we set up a number of climbs and went for it. I used my boots and tried for the more challenging footholds were possible. Dave and Ballu did very well to get up the more difficult climbs in trainers. Some of the guys who originally set up the guidebook came along and gave us a demonstration of leading. Then we moved round the side into the wind to have a go at a quite difficult ascent through vegetation. Ballu was too cold to have a go at that one. After a bit more climbing Paul set up an abseil and Dave and Nicola abseiled down while I took some video. Back then to the guesthouse after being dropped off at Belushi's.
I ordered cabs and we all got to lusty glaze beach ok. We had to go down quite a lot of steps in the rain to the restaurant on the beach. But the food was good, a real shame the weather was so bad as we were on a big table on the porch covered by a plastic awning and we had a heater but it ran out of gas. However after the copious food we were allowed inside all save pepper the dog. We ordered taxi's into town to go to Belushi's but it was raining quite heavily by then, and as Ballu had had a bit of a cold to start with we got dropped off at our guest house rather than face a walk in the rain later.
Up earlier today missed breakfast in the B & B, got a pasty on the way to the meeting point on the headland. We met dangerous Dave and Paul for coasteering and got in our wetsuits. I had the added bonus's of a rash vest and a pair of wetsuit gloves to add to my warmth.We popped down to the sea edge and Dave and Paul immediately leaped off a very high ledge into the sea. I didn't fancy such a shock as I don't react well to the shock of cold water so I thought I would wait to jump until I was acclimatised which was a bit of a mistake as we didn't do any others.
There were nearly 20 of us thrashing about with our red helmets on as we swam into the first cave. We had been warned b y Dave about an 8 foot seal that had bitten him twice, but we used Graham as bait to no avail. We played with a number of swells and got thoroughly pounded by the waves, we swam through one cave in darkness and me and Steve got stuck trying to go through at the same time. It certainly was excellent fun playing about in the surf and caves and was a bit different from other coasteering events, there were a few bruises and a smattering of blood from the sharp barnacles on the rock. But I was ok. Afterwards managed to get an ice cream to take the salt water taste away then headed off to meet Ballu.
We got in the car and the Sat Nav took us to the Eden Project which Ballu was really keen to see. The Domes were pretty large and the tropical one was pretty hot. I missed the opportunity to go on a zip wire across the project for a 10 as it could have made for a late journey home. We had some tea and coffee and cake then set off back to London, with little incident apart from a delay on the M3.