New Year 30/12/2006


Not up as early as I would have liked left London after 10am. However I went through London which was very quiet and the M4 was super fast so I actually knocked nearly 40 minutes off the predicted sat nav time. When I got to the Great western hotel, only John Fidler had beaten me, so we had a pint while we waited for the others. Ballu arrived next by train, then Ross and Nikki and Sandy arrived, so we kitted up and went for a run. It was just the weather for it chucking down and the fields were flooded. At one stile we had to jump into shin deep water. We set off up a hill, or was that a stream. We circled the hill on some good ground then set off back down the hill via the same route, this was a bit perilous so I used a large stick to avoid slipping. We returned and got showered which was pleasantly hot. We then set off in a group into Abergavenny as it was looking dry, but this didn't last long. We popped into a local pub and I had a pint of rosey nosey. Then we headed back to the hotel. We commandeered the pool room, and Charlotte and me were successful for a while until the beer kicked in, then Ross and Nikki took over our mantle. By this time I had switched onto the local brew, Brain's. We also popped downstairs for a lasagna meal which was part of the accommodation deal. We exhausted the local jukebox during the night and retired to our underground layer when the bar closed to drink more and chat and play Ipod tunes, charades, and name that tune on the Ipod. Finally got to bed down in the boys bunk room about 2.30 am.


Up at 9am, I was luckier than Ross who had a pounding headache. After a quick breakfast we split into a few groups. I was in the group with Ross, Sandy, Matt and Ballu who wanted to do the long walk to sugar loaf mountain. The walk took about 3 and a half hours, and true to form it started to chuck down just as we got to the top of sugar loaf and continued to do so all the way back. It was also extremely windy, so much so you could hardly hear each other and you were being blown along. Matt got himself nicely muddy with a spectacular fall. Back then to the place ahead of the others and we made our self comfortable on the reclining chairs with coffee and chips and kindergarten cop to watch. This gradually developed into spoof a drinking game before we finally went upstairs to join the locals. The disco also had karaoke functionality so I did a couple of numbers and a duet of suspicious minds with Charlotte. The girls all did leader of the pack together and Sandy stitched me up with Macho Man. A lot more karaokeing and dancing ensued and then at midnight we watched big ben and blew our horns. After some more dancing we moved downstairs to our area to continue the party with champagne and sparklers. A number of the colorful locals followed us down as well to join in the celebrations, unfortunately about 2am the copious amounts of cream flow beer over the weekend took their toll on my stomach lining, and I was forced to take pepcid AC and lie down. Sandy finally made it to his bed about 8 am in the morning.



8th Day UK