No Limits 07/07/2006

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Up early and off to Mile End to pick up Andy and Ballu. About 3 hours later we were just passing Ealing Broadway were Andy had started from that morning. We only had one stop and drove all the way there on one tank of petrol, but it took eight hours due to numerous roadworks on the M25 and M4 and delays at most Welsh Cities due to Rush hour. It was a close thing at the end as the fuel gauge would light up a warning when we went uphill, but would go out again when we went down again. However we made it ok and found Jonathon already there having come by bike and Harry arrived not long after having come from Cambridge. After a couple of drinks in the bar and a buffet provided by Twr y Felin we set of into town and found the best pub in st Davids according to the oracle the Farmer's arms. It was a bit too cool for the garden but we settled ourselves in till gone 11, then headed back to Twr y Felin for a final couple of drink, including a hemp beer, that tasted foul. The others finally arrived at 12.30pm or so but had had the quickest drive of just over 6 hours. 08/07/2006 Up early and the first activity of the day after breakfast was Climbing. We rocked up at the sea cliffs we had climbed last year. I had a go quickly then took video and pictures of the others. Then went on to climb the hard route which wasn't too difficult with climbing shoes on. Lee climbed very well and Ballu abseiled for the first time and did all but the toughest climb. Andy struggled a bit in his squisy trainers and Sandra demonstrated her back smear technique again. I lent Tom my old climbing shoes and he got up the difficult route as well. Back then for lunch and straight back out for surfing. Paul the big blonde instructor from the previous year took us for the session and it was a good one, the waves were pretty powerful and I was able to get up a few times. Tom even did a handstand on his board. Back then for yet more food at the hotel and then after a few drinks in the hotel bar we headed off to The Farmers Arm Jonathon was in his element producing numerous Sambuccas and strange concoctions involving tequila. We got a bit wet moving on to the Rugby club disco, but it didn't lower the party mood, as we tucked into some Vodka and Tequila shots and startedto play the headmaster were you bang your head against the table on command and Grenade were the last one to hit the floor has to do a forfeit. Quite a bit of dancing was also done with Andy showing us how to do the gardening dance steps. 09/07/2006 Up early and after breakfast it was into wetsuits with helmets and cagouls and lifejackets to go coasteering. We went to the same place as last time. They pointed out the "toilet" an area of water that sucks you under then spits you out again but it would undoubtedly have killed you in the conditions with a gale forecast. The conditions were so bad in fact that when the first instructor dived in, he had to be rescued by the second one with a rope. So we moved on and played Dambusters in a very calm sheltered bit. We then swam through a channel out to see, I got through first time, but even Tom a very strong swimmer got sucked back his first go. Ballu realy stuggled here as the waves were far to big. So myself and the instuctor helped her at first but the rescue style is very tiring if you are not used to it and I soon had to let, Jonathon take over. He did a fine job of helping Ballu through the open water. Which had 7ft swells. We swam for what seemed an age and I was desperate for them to get Ballu into shore, I had swallowed a lot of seawater in the choppy conditions and it must have been worse for her. I went close to the shore and didn't retreat when the instructors did, then suddenly the sea seemed to drop away revealing a lot of rocks below me, then as Iturned round to the others who were shouting I saw them at the top of a 15ft foot swell. Blimey, did I swim for it and uphill. But I made it just and got over the swell before it broke, or I would have been dashed against the rocks. So we were in trouble now we had come a long way and couldn't get into shore because of the waves, we had no choice but to turn around and head back all that way. By this time, Sandra was in need of a tow and so was aNdy they'd both taken on a lot of seawater, and luckily Tom was able to a rescue stroke as well to help. I was getting a bit concerned now that the tide might change and wash us out to sea, but luckily about halfway back it calmed a little bit from the larger swells before. I swam to shore then as the doggy paddle was getting quite an effort, I thought I might be able to rest then, jump back in to help if needed, but when I got out I felt terribly sick and the others weren't far behind. We dragged ourselves back up to the minibus past the driver that had come down to see what was keeping us. Ballu needed to lie down instead of eating lunch which perked the rest of us up. But we all set of and synchronised our Sat Navs to meet in a pub near Chepstow Castle, which had unfortunately just finished serving food. The rest of the journey was quite quick and uneventful, probably due to the world cup final being on, after dropping off Ballu and Andy at Ealing Broadway I just caught Italy celebrating in the chinese.