Oscar night 05/03/2006

In the evening set off to Tony's for Oscar night. Got there about 9 PM and straightaway launched into a game of Call of Duty with Rhyss and Tony against me, Hiren and Steve. After that just time to fill in my Oscar entry form and then the show started at midnight. 10 of us were present and another ten took part by proxy so every one was busy. We also played Oscar bingo which Mark won thanks to references to Titanic and the likes. We also had to tuck into the refreshments provided by Lisa, so 5 am came round pretty quickly. When the dust had settled we found that Hannah, Tony's youngest daughter had won by one point from himself, 52 to 51. I was back a bit further with 43 points but a great improvement on my last place showing of 9 points the previous year. Just time for a couple of hours kip before work.