Paul Birthday 22/07/2006


I set off for Rita and Paul's on the Dockland's to Island Gardens. I found there flat ok and dropped off my drinks and started to tuck into the wonderful nibbles that Rita provided. Chris and Julie, Sylvia, Dave, Des, Karl and Hazel, Theo and Chris, Sejal and Rita's sister amogst others were there. Ballu came a little later from shopping, and I was able to spot her from a Mile off from the Balcony round the back off the flat. We had Pimm's and were also treated to a huge Birthday cake made from chocolate mousse, that was very tasty. After that we headed to the Rivington Bar and Grill in Greenwhich via the Docklands were we were joined by Christine. I had fish and Chips and Mushy peas followed by Hokey Pokey ice cream which I regretted eating later as it was so late. But it was nice. Then it was quite easy to catch the docklands back to Shadwell and get a taxi back to the flat.