Pub Games 11/01/2006

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off to the Fox at west kensington for the 8th day pub world championships. Lots of folks were there, Charlotte and Graham, Cam & Jemma, Chris & Ruth, Simon & Vanessa, Me & Ballu, Neil & Leah, Tom & Ross, Claire & friend. We started off with Pool and myself and Ballu played Cam & Jemma, we just pipped them with 2 balls left on the table, then onto air hockey, I had my usual problem of scoring own goals against myself, but after being behind all the game I just managed to win 9_8. Ballu hadn't played before so did well to lose by only a small gap. The beermap flip saw us hopelessly outclassed though as Cam was far too good at it. Neil was playing with Leah as Sharon had let us down at the last minute so last years winning team could not be recreated, they did well however to get to the semi-finals. The final was between Graham & Charlotte vs Simon & Vanessa. It all hinged on the beermat flip and at one point after 2 misses it looked liked Grahams team would lose but then he recoverd and with help of Charlottes excellent flipping went onto win. The Pub also had a hunting deer video machine. I played Tom at it but lost, but then Tom lost his camera which went missing from one of the pool tables. Hopefully he can claim it on his house insurance, it certainly was the only down point of a good night.