Simon Party 15/09/2006

Off to the Mithras bar near Canon street for Simon's retirement party. Simon had picked a good place, there was a dancefloor and the Dj was excellent. A large buffet was provided which was excellent, it came in two sittings and we couldn't get through it all. When I arrived I talked to Ian and then Ballu and Jennifer arrived, and Simon had an opportunity to show off some off his ceroccing skills on the dancefloor, and myself and Ballu danced quite a bit, also met Sandra and Stefan, Stefan was going on the Spice trip to La Santa next week as well. In the end it was a shame the party had to end at 11pm, the Bank of England folk Know how to party. Unfortunately I managed to delete most of the pictures i took of the evening without downloading them to my computer, which is why you see a a rare picture of me on the evening