Nordic skiing 17/08/2006

Afterwork I headed for Mortlake and the east sheen gate of Richmond park. Met Paddy there and the Nordic Ski folks in a white camper van with all the kit. Ross, Graham and Caroline, Neil and Natascha, and richie were there. We popped on lots of body armour, and were given our sticks for pushing and the Ski's. They were much smaller than I expected woth a single wheel on each end. We got some rather natty disco boots to go in them that were just connected by the toe to ski so your foot could flex.
We walked into the parl a little way to a flat spot and started practicing. I found it quite a struggle at first the arch of my right foot was aching right from the start for wome reason, but it seemed to sort itself out as the evening went on. We did some exercises to start with first scooting along on one ski and then the other. I wasn't too bad on the right foot but it was obvious my left foot had a bit of a mind of it's own to begin with. I took a small tumble into the grass at the side, this came from using skating reflexs, itls hard to steer the ski's with your feet on the ground and going slowly, you really have to pick them up and move them to steer. But after a while it was time to set off for a lap of the park. The first part was uphill and that was quite strenuous, but not too bad, then we headed down hill. In reality it was quite a small slope but quite nerve racking when you didn't feel in control. We all got down ok though. There was another downhill which was quite windey, but had a bit more confidence by then and it was fine, it was actually easier to steer faster. It seemed quite a long way back to the gate and you certainly got a bit of a workout if like me you double poled all the way, but it certainly was good fun, though I was probably far too cautious on the evening as I as aware that I was off on holiday in about 36 hours time. Certainly would do it again though.