Sporting heroes 08/04/2006

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In the afternoon, met Ballu at canary wharf and went to the 8th day sporting heroes party at play on. Lots of folks were there. Simon, Steve, Vanessa, Mark, Claire, Neville, Ross, Nicky, Juzar, Chris, Tom Griggs, I went in my 1966 world cup outfit and also as Graham Hill the racing driver in an outfit for when it got cooller. E played volleyball when we got there and then Dodgeball which was very energetic, at one point it was one against one with me and Chris but I managed to win. After that we played a very energetic game of Netball in the second half me and Mark were trying to defend against Neville and Simon, which resulted in a few bruises all round. Then we had the BBQ and Beer. I had sausages, Ballu had a burger and half a pizza.