Summer Party 15/07/2006

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Up about 10am but still managed to arrive late to the summer party, made it to Wandsworth common about 2pm, there was still Pimms left, but Ballu missed the Pimms arriving after 3pm. We drank and had a nice picnic and there were about 35 of us in total. We played Volleyball with full teams then went onto rounders. I hit a number of home runs but was caught out by the one hand one bounce rule that I had never played before. We went on then to play a bit with the water catapults, until we eventually managed to break one by stretching it too far. Myself and Simon also managed to break the new rounders bat by hitting a softball with it. A game of Ultimate frisbee followed later, which I suspect my team lost, but we didn't keep to close a count of the score. After the games we had some food outside the local pub then played space invaders inside it before going home. A very good day out. Charlotte, Steve, Tom, Tom, Matt and Charlotte, Chris and Ruth, Adele, Nikki, Susan, Claire, Claire, Simon, simon, Vanessa, Mark, Leah and Jo were there along with a number of new faces.