Wind Tunnel 28/01/2006

Up just after 6am got to Tooting Bec and huddled in the cold there with Mark and Leah. Ross and Johnathon arrived with the cars and we popped to Clapham to pick up Tom whose bike wouldn't start. We went through the centre of london then in Jonathons car and got to Milton Keynes in good time. We met Barry, Amanda and Dan who I hadn't seen before and John was there up from Southampton. The guys did a quick run to the shop then for bacon butties all round then we had our training video and got in our kit. I was lucky enough to win the extra slot of a person who couldn't make it.this gave me 3 goes at skydiving equivalent to lots of skydives from 10,00ft. Even so it was quite difficult to get the hang off, but I had just about managed it by the end. Tom was the best being able to control himself in the airstream. Leah had some excitement on her first go when she gave a very good impression of a fly on a windscreen. Afterwards we watched ourselves on DVD for a bit before setting off home. WE dropped Tom off at his sisters then got back into London without any problems.