Xmas Pub Crawl 23/12/2006

I positioned myself early in the Odd One Out, and sure another on the dot of 6pm, Mark led his merry troop into the pub, we enjoyed a pint of Christmas pud, then a pint of archer's. Due to some strange local custom we were locked into pub, between 6 and 7pm. This meant we had to meet Richard and his Australian friend Mark in the Robin Hood. We also met Tim and Jill's friends here, this swelled our ranks considerably, but we had to make do with Guinness as the pub had run out of beer. We pushed onto the stockwell arm's via the town's new super loo, but we nearly wished we hadn't. The pub had one customer and most of it's beer was off, with no one there to drink it that was hardly surprising. Anyway there was a party for 30mins there as we just about filled the pub. Quickly on then to the fox and fiddler much better pub, with a very young band and an enthusiastic audience of what could have been there mum's. From here we pushed onto the Dragoon, which had a fine selection of beer, and Steve was able to satisfy his hunger with crisps and pickled eggs. Just a short trip over the road then to the fat cat, this place brewed it's own beer and very nice it was too. A shame I had to leave at this point to catch my last train as the final pub was the railway tavern. I did however get back home in record time, via the chinese.