24 Hour Race 06/10/2007

Slept in late then drove to tooting bec track and parked up on the trackside got my kit ready and met Mo and got my briefing done. Then before I knew it the time was 12 noon and it was time to set off around the track for the next 24 hours. Things started off quite well I was moving at a reasonable pace. But things deteriorated very quickly maybe it was due to the rat race the previous weekend coupled with the extremely repetitious pounding on the track, but after two hours my legs were very painful. I also was feeling quite nauseous, maybe from trying to drink red bulls. I kept at it though and I was averaging 10k an hour which would have put me near the winners if I could have kept it up. After 10 hours I had done 55 miles and was in 10th place. Mo was climbing to 13th and only 3 miles behind me. She was suffering as well with her back. But was pushing on well. For a few hours now my left foot had started to go numb with pounding. I tried a number of pairs of shoes to ease the problem with only some success. I was still having to rest to let the feeling get back in my foot then it was a particularly painful transition to running again each time. For some reason despite the low pace and moderate temperature I was sweating and awful lot, when it got dark you could see the steam rising off me. Yet another sign that things weren't quite right. By midnight I had managed 61 miles. Perhaps I could have pushed on through the pain in my legs and foot, but the nausea was still with me and I had not been able to eat solids for nearly 8 hours. I was feeling desperately week and was a bit concerned I would pass out. I also had to think about the drive home, so with some reluctance I had to withdraw, as it was the drive home was quite risky. My coordination was shot from fatigue and lack of food and my legs didn't respond properly, but I got home safely. Will have to adjust my strategy for next year if I want to finish this race, and get someone to drive me home. Glad to see Mo made it to the finish, beating me by miles.



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