8thday Xmas Meal 19/12/2007

Off to Henry's bar on Henrietta street just south off Covent Garden to meet and awful lot of folks from 8thday for the Xmas Lunch. Is was a bit packed in Henry's and difficult to get a drink and the bouncer kept moving us around so after one drink we moved on to porters the restaurant. This was a very good restaurant I had been to before for a works xmas do. The food was pretty good and they did their own porter beers in distinctive bottles which I enjoyed. Had a porter and a grapefruit beer and a suffolk beer to acclimatise myself for the weekend pubcrawl. I sat next to Daniel and Stephan who I'd not met before. We had a good time in the restaurant and afterwards went round the corner to the jewel bar which had some impressive candles. After a few drinks there it was off with Sandy to anon anon, where we pretended to work for his company and got let in on the door. Matt, Raj & Simon were among the culprits who kept me out till past 3 am.



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