Artic Night 08/03/2007

off to a new club Amika on high st kensington. Had to slip in past the paparazzi to get my free drinks, there was plenty of champagne and cocktails on offer for this artic explorer party, and plenty of ice sculptures in the décor. I had hoped to meet Sir Ranulph Fiennes, but he was up the Eiger and I got Cilla Black instead. Teresa had organised it and Tim and Frasier were along. We slipped into one VIP lounge, but only Tim managed to get into the Champagne lounge which was behind a sliding door. In the area were Cilla Black had been we found a deserted reserved booth, with a complimentary bottle of Vodka undrunk, so we sorted that out. I left in time to catch the last train leaving the others too it, with my fingers crossed I wouldn't have a hangover.