Beer Festival 08/08/2007

Set off on the tube to the GBBFand met Phil at aldgate east, we got in fine with our internet tickets and quickly did a round of the festival and I purchased a silly beer hat for the next day. We played table football and met Bruce and Kaschka by the champion beer stand I had some Ginger beer from the foreign beer section while Bruce seemed to get a glass of red vinegar, we booted Steve from work off the footie table when Grant and his mates arrived, but my form was bad I kept letting in long shots. Staggered home at last orders and got a chinese.
Off again to the beer festival. Met up with Stuey, Stuart, and michelle and added their silly hats to my large beer hat. We drank a bit at the northern bars then I met Tom, and Graham, and Jonathen the creator of make sobriety history was along. So we had to take some pictures with a plastic cow and eat lots of pork scratchings. Anna and Ian were along next then and Ian tucked into a very tasty looking pie. I rejoined Stuey, Stuart,Michelle and Phil who had arrived and tried a perry. Eventually left with the guys on the district line at chucking out time.
Up early met met Mark, Michael and Huggy at liverpool st station and got the ticket Mark had bought me. We got toEarl's Court just before 12 and were at the back of a very snakey queue we got in quite fast however and found ourselves a seat near the games area. We proceeded to work our way through thebeers and were joined by Pat and Chris and Pat's cousin Nathan. We all commented on the large number of golden beers which were pretty tasty. We tucked into more pork scratchings and Mark had a whole curry and a pizza was consumed from pizza express. In the evening the next shift arrived. The beer no birds crew started to arrive with Jon, Phil, Phil, Gwynn, Des, Chris and Mark, and the 8thday folks arrived with Juzar and Simon. We continued to drink and were met by Preeti who was there with some of Des's work colleagues. Phil purchased a t_shirt for his young one and prizes were won on the game stand. When the beer festival closed at 10.30am myself and Simon headed off to the glasshouse stores.