Beer Night 11/05/2007

After work went along to the Blackfriar pub to meet the Old Spice Boys for Beer night. Mark had organised this night and it was a good one. The Blackfriars had some good Landlord on and all the pubs had good beer. It was a bit drizzly but hardy souls sheltering under the trees outside left enough room for us in the pub. It was also nice that the blackfriars is non smoking. On then to a pub with a good amount of space, we took in a pub that used to be part of the eerie chain, but was no longer, then we frequented the cheshire cheese a sams smiths pub that had a gentleman only bar and a basement bar I hadn't seen before which we drank at. After the crawl was over, me and Bill stayed for one extra in another pub we found open, but this didn't last too long as my stomach started to play up.