Beer Night 13/07/2007

went along to the barrow boy and banker pub for beer night. Found Pete and Mark already there and was soon joined by Chris, Bill and Phil, and after a few Discoveries, we popped along to the Thameside Inn, this was very bust as you might imagine on a warm day on the Thames still got served well and picked up 4 more folks including Des and Adrian. We pushed on then according to the 40 minute schedule and got to the Anchor which was so busy on a lovely summer day that we had to drink out of half pint glasses. We next tried to go to the new pub on the waterfront that was associated with the globe theatre and although the place looked great it had no Bitter, so we moved on to the Youngs pub were we stayed for two instead and I found a very acceptable couple of Banana Bread beers. The last pub was the doggets, which was fine but not in a league with the other pubs on our route.