Beer in Bruxelles 12/10/2007

Up late into work with packing. Left about half past one after failing to get a ticket for the frightfest allnighter. Got to waterloo in plenty of time but there was a long queue to get through security at waterloo. Made it to my seat and had a smooth journey listening to podcasts, and playing brain training on the phone. Got to Bruxelles midi, and quite easily walked to the metropole hotel with the is of a google map and watch compass. Quickly got changed and popped downstairs to the café to meet, Rita, Paul, Adam, Alex, Beth, Christine and Jill. Myself and Paul had Kwak beers. We then moved onto a small pizza restaurant. the service was a little slow but we had a very nice pizza and were entertained by a chap on a guitar and a self cleaning toilet. I finished the meal with a sambucca. We moved on then through the grandpalace to find the deliriums Tremens bar, but this unfortunately was far too busy and we couldn't get a seat so we moved on. We found a bar of the grand palace and after some difficulty getting served we enjoyed some very large beers. From here we left to go home to the metropole, but myself and Alex were up for a few more drinks so we set off and quickly found a couple of bars the first was like a Turkish bar with Turkish type music and we had a red hoegarden there. We then went across the road to the rather lively karaoke bar. We got up and did the kaiser cheifs and Alex got talking to one of the locals. We finally headed home at 3.30 am.
Up early and got to the grand palace for 10.30am, We visited the chocolate museum which wasn't too impressive but did have some free chocolate samples. We had hot chocolate then outside the pub we were at last night. It was very sunny and we got talking to a local about the upcoming rugby match. We then did a tour of some of the designer chocolates shops which we interspersed with some sightseeing and a light lunch of ice cream in my case. We then went to the beer museum in the grand place. This was slightly better than the chocolate museum and we did get a free drink with the piece of admission. By this time we were down to Rita, Paul,Christine and myself the serious drinkers. We sampled an awful lot of beers in the delirium tremens bar. By buying four at a time and rotating them, the only difficulty was in getting served it could be a bit problematical. We had lots of fruit beer delirium tremens itself and a quite expensive bottle of champagne beer. We were slightly late in meeting the others at the metropole at 7.30pm, but I had time to pop upstairs for a shave and a change of clothes before we departed the metropole. Here we split up a bit, Alex Adam and Jill went to watch England beat the French at rugby in the world cup semi finals. Whislt myself, Rita, Paul and Christine had a meal in a restaurant half inside and half out. I had flemish stew which was very nice. We then found the others but retired to the drug opera bar which was nicer. I had the Guinness extra that was 8% proof there. We then moved on with the help of Alex's local friend Marine to the karaoke bar. I got up and did we are the champions after englands victory assisted by the police. And Paul and Adam both got up and sang as well. We met some very happy English folks and I finally was the last to leave at about 3.30 am again.
Not such an early start, met Alex, Beth, Christine and chill in the café after checking out then onto the metro and off to the atomium exhibition. The building was very impressive but the exhibition was a partcularly dull one about furniture. The q for the lift to the top was long but the views were good unfortunately we could not eat in the restaurant it was full. Back down then and back to eat pizza in the Grand Place. Whilst doing so got a text message from Lydia who was in bruxelles to watch the marathon that was going on. I walked then to the station with Lydia and got on the Eurostar ok. The trip back was quite smooth.