Canteen 18/10/2007

Off to the canteen in spitalfields. Got there quite early but was soon joined by Maurice and Tony. Gradually folks started to arrive, Sid and Teresa, Christine, Emma, Fatema and Oscar, Mike, Julie, Jennifer and Rob and Sandra. I had a good go at all their beers there certainly was a good selection. Doombar, Chalky bite, Atlantic IPA, oyster stout. The meal didn't disappoint as I had a good roast and their chips were pretty good though not up to the hat and feathers standard. The portions were pretty generous, and the bill was refreshingly small. However I think the wagamama type seating detracted from the ambiance a bit. So it's a bit difficult to see how they won restaurant of the year. Afterwards myself, Christine, Teresa and Julie. Went on for a jug of cocktails at a nearby bar followed by sambucca shooters and then amaretto.