China White 25/04/2007

After work went to the Chinawhite's club for a party in aid of Marine Connection a charity for Dolphins, Teresa had organised it and there was an auction and Richard Hammond of Brainiac science abuse was invited. Didn't see Richard Hammond, But Duanne ledejo the winner of supersports was there. He was offering a training day which I was tempted to bid on at 200 but seeing as it normally went for 4,000 I would have been a bit embarrassed if I had won, in the end it was withdrawn. There was a comedian trevor locke but he died quite badly, worse than the dolphins in the films. Teresa's neighbour Vanessa Phelps was there and Teresa talked with her while I watched Jamie Pierce I hadn't heard his band before, and they didn't hook me on first hearing, but seemed very professional. Deirdre, Cris, Brenda and Tanya were also along, Chris bid on a Spy day and won it, and also bought some raffle tickets. So between us all we must have given quite a bit of money to help dolphins, though I must admit I am not sure what they do to help dolphins, Didn't stay too late as legs were still aching a bit from marathon, so I left the others to it and went home early which is a bit unusual for me.