Cotswolds 12/01/2007

Set off about 3 PM for Stow on the Wold. Should have taken two and a half hours but took three and a half, because I missed London traffic, but hit Oxford Traffic. Got to the Youth Hostel and Net John Fiddler who was there early. We left a note on the door for the others and went to the pub next door, the White Hart. This had some dodgy beer but provided us with a meal for John and chips for me. Thus fortified we nipped across the road to the Queens Head. We settled in there to drink the BB and SBA and then Matt, Sandy and Adele arrived, and Shelley and gradually so many folks that we didn't fit the pub anymore. So we went back to the White Harts, large back room. Eventually we were 26 strong. After closing time we popped back to the Hostel and we consumed chocolate Cake and Beer that Nick had brought along and was included in the price of the weekend. Went to bed about 2 AM.
Up for breakfast at 8.30 AM, and we finally set off walking about 10 ish. The weather looked like it might rain at any moment, but it restricted itself to a light drizzle at most. However we weren't disappointed on the mud front, my gaiters came in very handy. At lunchtime we stopped in Bourton-on-the-water which had a model village, and myself and Nick had sticky toffee pudding for lunch. We set off again and by the end of the day we must have covered close to ten miles. We got back close to 4 PM then after half an hours rest me, Sandy, Matt and Dave set off on a run with our head torches. We recovered a lot of what we did in the day so we wouldn't get lost, and were at one point surprised by a fast swarm of birds making a huge racquet above a wood. We survived the muddy patches in the dark and got back after 51 minutes. This gave us time to use the thankfully now working hot showers, before going across to the white hart and packing out their restaurant section . After our Meal we set off on a pub crawl but only got as far as the next pub. Here we rearranged all their furniture into a giant ring and squeezed out the locals. A sizeable quantity of red wine was consumed by the ladies, before we headed back to the hostels kitchen. Here we plugged in my speakers to Matt's phone, and another MP3 player, while we consumed chocolate cake and beer. Eventually there was just me, Matt and Adele left at 3 AM.
Up in the morning and we packed all our kit in the cars and drove to Broadway for the start of the days walk, we actually had a couple of sizeable hills in this walk, one with a tower on it, but no one paid 3.80 to go to the top of it or bought any of their jam. Another dry day, but we still managed to encounter some serious mud, but to my disappointment no one fell in it. Back to our starting point for 2 PM and we split with some people having tea and cakes and some people having a pub lunch.



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