Dodgeball 01/12/2007


Not up very early, Got the clean up crew outfits together and set off for the play on sports centre in Docklands. The competition was tough. The clean-Up crew comprised myself, Simon, Rohan, Elizabeth, Rhod and it should have been Nick but he was delayed by an overturned lorry. So we filled in with whoever, we were normally ably assisted by Steve or Thomas. We certainly cleaned up early on with the opposition dropping like flies, But the defending champions the elves and the Jammie dodgers beat us. We were second in terms of points though going into the final. Luckily the elves knocked out the Jammie Dodgers and we knocked out the pornstars. The final was hard fought but the Elves triumphed pushing us into second place. Back then to the clubhouse to celebrate with some drinks, but I didn't stay out late as I had to pack for the dynamic adventure race.



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